20+ Brand New Free Blogger Templates 2014 Edition

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, June 3, 2014
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This is by far the best collection of the latest free templates you will find online ! Strong words but I only list the very latest and I only list quality.There are so many free blogger templates it can be hard to find a template that will be a perfect fit for your blog.You might want a template that will be responsive so it will not loose it's quality on mobile devices.You will want the right colors and sidebars layout.And all templates have different features such as Image sliders, Ads sections, Social Icons and so on.This list is designed to look after all those needs with something for everyone.

You can check out the demo for each template and follow the Details and Download link to grab your perfect template for free.Remember these templates are for Blogger Blogs only.

20+ Free Blogger Templates

SEO Magazine

As the name suggests this template has been designed to optimize your blogs SEO.But this has not come at a cost to the look of the theme.A minimalist white color scheme with a two column and right sidebar layout.Posts use an auto read more jump break has fitted related posts and much more.

SEO Magazine

DoMag Blogger Template

A beautiful magazine template with some bright colors giving it a bright look and feel.Three column design with two sidebars on the right DoMag is packed with features.

DoMag Blogger Template

True Pixel Blogger Template

True Pixel is a cheerful two column design with a left sidebar.The template has a drop down menu, split header, tabbed sidebar section, a featured image slider and much more.

True Pixel Blogger Template

Metro Theme Free Blogger Template

A fantastic looking template which uses a two column and right sidebar layout system.Metro is a very popular design style right now and it looks great all the way from full Laptop screens to small mobile device screens.A number of menus, Social sharing buttons and footer columns are among the other features.

Metro Theme Free Blogger Template

Galauness Blogger Template

A very modern design used here with a real minimalist look and feel.The template can be used as a gallery or for your regular blogs.Subtle black and white is the color scheme with posts shown in a three column grid on the home page.On posts pages the layout changes to two column with a left sidebar.Search bar, Social icons and a drop down menu are among the features.

Galauness Minimal Gallery Blogger Template

Sang SEO Blogger Template

Sang SEO has the classic magazine design but is literally packed with extra features.We have two menus above and below the header, the top menu has icons for your social networks the bottom menu has a search bar and drop down options.The header is split to allow for a large AdSense banner.Colored Popular Posts gadget and posts by category gadgets are other key features.

Sang SEO Magazine Blogger Template

Gagism Blogger Template

Gagism is a good choice for a funny picture sharing blog.As with these type of blogs Social Sharing is key and Gagism has Share buttons and Post Ratings on all posts.The layout is three column with a left and right sidebar.

Gagism Three Column Professional Theme

Mommy Blog Blogger Template

The perfect template for your family related blogs.A bright modern design with a bold green header which hosts a mom and baby image.A neat slider can display your pictures while there are two menus for your links and many more features.

Mommy Blog Blogger Template

Proposal Blogger Template

Proposal is a very unique template built using the latest coding techniques.The full background image is a main feature and can be changed to your image.Posts are shown as an overlay to this with footer columns for your gadgets.

Proposal Unique Gallery Blogger Template

Simple Corp Blogger Template

Simple Corp has a very modern minimalist design.The header space is used well for your social links and a drop down menu.We then have an optional welcome message section followed by a great full with image slider.The layout is two column with a right sidebar and many more features.

Simple Corp Blogger Template

Modern Blog Blogger Template

Modern Blog is the perfect name for this template as it has such a clean modern look.A unique picture grid display below the header can be used to show off your pictures and link to featured posts.Below this we have posts with an auto read more jump break.

Modern Blog Gallery Blogger Template

Fizz Blogger Template

Fizz is a fantastic unique template with a two column right sidebar layout.Fizz can be used as a portfolio blog template or just for your regular blog.The header has a great look with a fitted drop down menu followed by a vertical full scale image slider.Posts are shown with an auto read more on the home page and there are three footer columns.

Fizz Responsive Blogger Template

Catalogspot Blogger Template

This is the only Ecommerce template we have in the list so it had to be a good one.The template is designer to be used as an online store with a shopping cart fitted.Posts are used to display products, visitors can add these products to the cart and checkout all on the blog.Instructions are provided to add your products and connect your PayPal to receive payment.

Catalogspot Shopping Cart Blogger Template

Flat Diary Blogger Template

Flat Diary is a gallery magazine theme with a two/three column layout.The bright color scheme using orange and white looks great.Posts on the home page are shown in two columns with a large thumbnail and title shown as a read more.

Flat Diary Responsive Blogger Template

Blogger Tube Vlog Blogger Template

Blogger Tube is one of the best video blog (Vlog) templates you will find.A video blog template is optimized to display videos in a number of ways.Videos added to your posts will be shown as a thumbnail on the home page.We also have a slider which is set to show videos instead of pictures.So a really top option for anyone looking to be a Vlogger !

Blogger Tube Professional Video Vlog Template

Snipe Blogger Template

Snipe is a bold design magazine template with a two column, right sidebar layout.A neat feature is the post information which is displayed in color coded boxes.The header is split with a drop menu on the right.A stylish CSS created comments section and footer columns are among the other features.

Snipe Free Gallery Blogger Template

Boardwalk Blogger Template

Boardwaly has a holiday beach theme is the design so will be a great fit for related blogs.The layout is two column with a left sidebar.We have three featured post boxes above the main posts area which use an auto read more with thumbnail.

Boardwalk Travel Theme Blogger Template

Kinetic Blogger Template

A classic magazine template with two columns and a right sidebar.The template has a split header, two featured post/image slider sections.Post information has a section to the left of posts on the home page which use an auto jump break.

Kinetic Classic Magazine Template

Mulopi Blogger Template

Mulopi is a magazine template with a two column right sidebar design.A split header allows space for an AdSense banner.Below this we have a drop down menu and social icons on top of a full width image slider.The posts which use an auto read more along with the sidebar gadget sections have a flip 3D look.

Mulopi 3D Magazine Blogger Template

Foodie Blogger Template

While the Foodie template demo is set up as a food blog the template will actually work well on any type of blog.Posts are shown in a gallery grid on the home page with the main label displayed across the top and the post title across the bottom.Check out the cool slide down menu connected to the header by clicking the arrow on the right.

Foodie Grid Style Blogger Template

Awesome Magazine Blogger Template

A fluid width responsive gallery template that really is Awesome.A top drop down menu that's got social icons and search bar fitted.Posts are displayed in blocks with Popular posts, Recent posts, Random posts and Editors choice.The template is AdSense ready and has related posts and footer columns.

Awesome Magazine Dynamic Blogger Template

Seven Seas Blogger Template

Want to use your blog as your own personal Pinterest ? Seven Seas displays your blog posts in a grid just like your Pinterest boards.The header has a message section with a color changing background and a drop down to sort by category.

Seven Seas Pinterest Style Gallery Blogger Template

Dieting : Health Theme Blogger Template

A health themed or food blog template with a fixed width two column layout.Dieting has two menus for your links and a great looking image slider.Peach and white are the main colors used on this magazine design.

Dieting Health Theme Blogger Template

Gag : Funny Image Sharing Blogger Template

Like Gagism listed above Gag is designed for funny image blogs but could also be used for any Gallery blogs.Social media is key with Facebook, Twitter and other sharing buttons on all posts.We also have a drop down menu, follow buttons and random post link in the header.The layout is two column with a wide right sidebar.

Gag Funny Image Sharing Blogger Template

Gadget : Yellow Magazine Blogger Template

Gadget is another classic magazine template with a very bright yellow, blue and white color scheme.The layout is two column with a right sidebar and fixed width.We have a full width slider, drop down menu and auto read more with thumbnail.

Gadget Yellow Magazine Blogger Template

That's out list make sure to subscribe to get a first look at future Blogger Templates and WordPress Themes.Have you a favorite from the list or a template you think should have made the cut ? Let us know in the comments.
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I'm the owner and main author here on Brighter Blogs.I've been a full time Blogger and Web designer for over eight years.I have worked on thousands of projects and blogs over the years and I bring this information to you here on BB.Making every tutorial easy to follow for bloggers of all levels.

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    1. Thanks Jeremy.There are some amazing Blogger template designers now, many of these templates I think people would have no problem paying a few bucks for so it's great to have them for free.

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