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Plagiarism is a major problem for bloggers not only with content being copied but also images being used without permission or credit given.There are some steps you can take to try stop images you created or photos you own being used in such a way like using a watermark but this is only a little effective.One useful tool I have found is a "Reverse Image Search" which allows you to upload an image, the image is scanned and search results are shown for where else the image has been used online.

The site in question is TinEye and it has scanned over seven billion images to test your image against to find matches.Using an identification technology also used bu Google Image search TinEye will scan your image and quickly compare it to images in their database.

It's perhaps not going to be the final solution to image plagiarism but it can help Bloggers in the fight to get credit for their work.Have you tried it ?

How To Check If Your Images Are Being Used By Others

By Paul Crowe → Monday, November 17, 2014
While working on a blog we decided to use the home page for navigation only.So we would have a static home page with a number of sections but no blog posts would be displayed.This however lead to a ugly message being displayed at the bottom of the page with the text "No Posts" on a grey background.You can see a screenshot of how the message looked below :

There was no need for this message on the site I was working on nor is there I think on any blog but it can be quickly removed and here is how.

Remove No Posts Message On Blogger

Step 1. In your Blogger dashboard click the drop down menu for the blog > Choose Template > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS > Then Paste In The Following Code And Click Apply To Blog.
(See video for  more on adding the CSS)
.status-msg-wrap {display: none !important;}

With that the No Posts message is gone, easy.Let us know what you think in the comments below.

How To Remove The No Posts Message On Blogger

By Paul Crowe → Tuesday, September 16, 2014
In this post I have a fun tutorial that will bring the links on your blog to life.You can quickly turn links on your blog into fun animated rainbows when visitors hover over them.The effect is created using just a small script that anyone can add to their blog, it couldn't be easier !

You can check out our demo of the effect by clicking the button below then just hover over any of the links on the demo blog to see the magic.I have two links at the top of the sidebar you can quickly check out.

Install Animated Rainbow Links On Blogger Blogs

Add Fun Animated Rainbow Links To Blogger Blogs

By Paul Crowe → Thursday, August 14, 2014
Cool Android Logo
Blogging has come a long way and so has how we blog.No longer are we required to be stuck at a desktop or carrying a laptop to write and publish blog posts.Many blogs are solely wrote on the go from from mobile devices and with the right apps you too can simply work on your latest post or fully blog on the go.

In this post I focus on apps for Android phones or tablets.So if your an Android user your guaranteed to find something to make your blogging life a lot easier ! All apps are free although some may have a pro version.

20+ Best Android Apps For Blogging

20+ Absolute Must Have Android Apps For Bloggers

By Paul Crowe → Saturday, August 2, 2014
Square Cube Facebook Logo
Facebook can be one of the best ways to promote your blog but only if done correctly.One mistake bloggers can make is not creating a page for their blog, often bloggers confuse a Facebook page and Facebook profile.Pages are very different from your personal profile and designed to promote products, services ect like your blog.Best of all pages are free and easy to set up as we see below in 5 step.

Start A Facebook Page For Your Blog In 5 Quick Steps

By Paul Crowe → Thursday, July 24, 2014