So Just What Is A Blog ?

By Paul Crowe Saturday, May 17, 2014
Blogs have been around for some time, longer than you may think.The actual term "Blog" is short for WebLog (Web Log) as that's just what the first blogs were a kinda online journal or diary.

But Blogs have come a long way from the original threaded updates by early Internet users.A blog can be used to cover absolutely anything and I mean anything.If you have knowledge on a subject or just an opinion blogging is a great way to express your self.Most bloggers cover a subject they know (The topic covered in a blog is called a niche) adding perhaps tips, news and tutorials within that subject.Professionally you can blog to promote yourself or your business.

 What's The Difference Between A Blog And A Website ?

To be honest the differences between blogs and websites aesthetically is non existent.Indeed many people use blog platforms like Blogger and Wordpress to host their websites.The main and biggest difference between a blog and a website is a website is generally static while a blog adds updates called blog posts.

Blog posts are the life blood of a blog.Many bloggers will add new posts several times a week.Posts can contain text, images, videos or other media.On a blog readers can then interact with the posts via comments, almost all blogs will have a comment section.Social media has also become important in Blogging with readers able to share posts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

To sum up your start a blog, give it a name then add updates in the form of posts; simple.

Blog Boom

I may be cynical but the big blog boom came as bloggers started to make money blogging.Google's acquisition of Blogger.Com in 2003 seen ads from Google AdSense easily added to blogs on that platform.As bloggers of that time started to make some cash some even going full time it was a matter of time before the Masses jumped on the band wagon.

I started my first blog in 2007 at the time Blogger was very primitive, Wordpress which launched the same year Google bought Blogger was still finding it's feet.The number of blogs was understandably small but I have watched as it has grown beyond any predictions (For someone that writes blog tips that has to be a good thing).You can read more about my Blogging journey and this blog here.

Should You Blog ?

Yes ! If your reading this you have an interest in blogs and blogging so get stuck in.Make sure the subject you cover in your blog is something you actually have a knowledge on it can be as broad as Classic cars or Cookery or as Specific as Home Made Beers or Candle Making.

In this blog I will help you get the perfect looking blog with design tips and gadgets as well as tips to Get people to your blog, Get your blog in Search Engines and Making money from your blog.

Next you can check out Where Should You Start Your Blog ?

Happy Blogging !

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  1. Interesting post anyone can blog as you say I am new to blogging myself.


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