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By Paul Crowe Monday, May 19, 2014
Computer Keyboard with blogger key
If you have chosen Blogger as the platform for your blog getting started is quiet straight forward.In fact you can have your blog live on the web in just a few minutes.However there are a few important steps you should take your time with.

First up Blogger is owned by Google so if you already have a Google account (This would be a Gmail, YouTube, Google+ account etc..) you can actually log in and start with that account.If you don't have a Google account you will create one as your are signing up with Blogger.

Once you have the sign up process completed you will land on your Blogger home page or dashboard.The dashboard will look very bare like in the image below so it's time to create that blog.You can actually have up to 100 blogs connected to your account, but for now getting that first blog up and running is the priority.

Create A New Blog On Blogger

Click the "New Blog" button and you are on your way to being a Blogger !

This next part is more important than you may think as you are picking The Title of your blog, The URL for your blog and The Template which will be the design of your blog.OK the templates you can play around with more once the blog is live but you will want a good title and URL.

Blog Title - The title should represent what your blog is about but also be short and snappy if possible.

Blog URL - The URL of you blog will be whats called a sub-domain of if you choose patscarblog the domain will be can buy your own domain, for example we will cover that in a future post.Picks something that fits and is available then to the template.

Blog Template - The template is something that will be important to all bloggers and we all have our own taste.For now I recommend picking the Simple template and you can look through the whole catalog of available templates later.

Make sure to check out our 20+ Best Free Blogger Templates For 2014.

Pick Your blogs title, URL and template on Blogger

We are happy with our new blogs title, URL and template click Create blog! With the click of that button your blog is online time to start writing your first blog posts and finding your way around the Blogger dashboard and blog settings.

Writing your first posts - You can start posting right away but it's also important to familiarize yourself with your blogs settings and options.We will look much more into writing posts, the post editor and your blog settings in future posts.

Start Posting On A New Blog on Blogger

Blog Settings - As you can see in the image below the drop down menu for your blog is your door to all areas.Once into any section of your blog these options will also appear on the left of the page.Make sure to familiarize your self with every part of your blog.

Blogger drop down menu for blog options

That's the basics for starting your new blog you can add any comments or questions you may have below.
Paul Crowe

I'm the owner and main author here on Brighter Blogs.I've been a full time Blogger and Web designer for over eight years.I have worked on thousands of projects and blogs over the years and I bring this information to you here on BB.Making every tutorial easy to follow for bloggers of all levels.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Your welcome Don thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  2. Really simple tutorial I love Blogger it's so easy to use...

    1. It is such an easy platform for blogging but also powerful enough for all shapes and sizes of blogs.


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