How And Why To Get A Favicon And Use It On Blogger

By Paul Crowe Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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When working on design jobs over the years I would always recommend the client use a custom Favicon on their website or blog.The problem then was not adding the favicon to the site, not even finding a Favicon to use but actually explaining exactly what a Favicon is !

I found an image like I have below explained it best.As you can see in the image a Favicon is the small image that appears beside the name of a website in your browser and also in your Bookmarks.The favicon is usually the same as the logo used by a website but it can be anything you want.

Examples Of Favicons In Browser And Bookmarks

In the next few posts I will be publishing Video tutorials showing you how to get the most from Blogger.We are starting with the Layout Page and at the top of this page is the favicon option.Let's begin with Why use a favicon on your blog or you can jump to the end of the post for the video.

Why use a Favicon ?

The main purpose for using a favicon is it can help in the process of building a brand for your blog.If you can use the same logo on your blog, Favicon, Social Networks, Newsletter etc..It will quickly become recognizable to your readers.The Twitter bird and Facebook 'Blue F' favicons are instantly recognizable.

Were Will I Find A Favicon ?

In the video I go more in-dept into how you can source a Favicon to use on your blog including getting one made professionally for as little as five bucks on Fivver.Com.

How Do I Add The Favicon To Blogger ?

We used to need to edit the template code on Blogger but now it couldn't be easier.Blogger added an option to upload a Favicon directly from your layout page !

How To Add A Favicon To Blogger

Video Tutorial

That's all you need to know about Favicons and Using them on Blogger.I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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