Start A Facebook Page For Your Blog In 5 Quick Steps

By Paul Crowe Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Facebook can be one of the best ways to promote your blog but only if done correctly.One mistake bloggers can make is not creating a page for their blog, often bloggers confuse a Facebook page and Facebook profile.Pages are very different from your personal profile and designed to promote products, services ect like your blog.Best of all pages are free and easy to set up as we see below in 5 step.

Step 1. Follow this link to Facebok Pages 

Step 2. From the options available choose "Band Or Product" This will open the option to choose a category (Scroll down the drop down to "Website") and add the name for your page.You will want the name of your page to be the same as the name of your blog.

Step 3. You now need to add some information

i. Enter a short description of what the page and your blog are about
ii. Enter the URL of your blog
iii. Choose a URL for the Facebook page

Make sure to tick Yes for the question is your blog a real product or band. This will generate another question "Will My Awesome Blog be the authorised and official representation of this business, product or brand on Facebook?" also tick yes for this.

Step 4. You are almost done ! Next we upload a profile picture for the page try use the same image as you use as a logo on your blog or just an image related to your blog.

Step 5. After this you have two options first to add the page to your own favorites on Facebook (You Should) and second to promote your page via Facebook ads.

That's it your Facebook page is live ready for updates from your blog.Have you created a Facebook page for your blog yet ? What other ways do you use Facebook to promote your blog ?
Paul Crowe

I'm the owner and main author here on Brighter Blogs.I've been a full time Blogger and Web designer for over eight years.I have worked on thousands of projects and blogs over the years and I bring this information to you here on BB.Making every tutorial easy to follow for bloggers of all levels.

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