How To Check If Your Images Are Being Used By Others

By Paul Crowe Monday, November 17, 2014
Plagiarism is a major problem for bloggers not only with content being copied but also images being used without permission or credit given.There are some steps you can take to try stop images you created or photos you own being used in such a way like using a watermark but this is only a little effective.One useful tool I have found is a "Reverse Image Search" which allows you to upload an image, the image is scanned and search results are shown for where else the image has been used online.

The site in question is TinEye and it has scanned over seven billion images to test your image against to find matches.Using an identification technology also used bu Google Image search TinEye will scan your image and quickly compare it to images in their database.

It's perhaps not going to be the final solution to image plagiarism but it can help Bloggers in the fight to get credit for their work.Have you tried it ?

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