How To Start A Blog On Tumblr In 5 Easy Steps

By Paul Crowe Friday, May 23, 2014

Tumblr is a simple blogging platform for those that want to share everything from media like pictures and video to short posts and full traditional blog posts.Sharing is a keyword when it comes to Tumblr as it can be used as almost a Blogging Social Network.That's probably were Tumblr differs from the Big Two of Blogging namely Blogger and Wordpress.

Starting your blog is easy and free, the post editor is friendly and uncluttered and there is a wide range of free and paid themes to get the right look for your blog.From your Tumblr dashboard you can also follow other blogs you like and other Tumblr's can follow your latest posts.And when you find some posts you really like from the Tumblr community you can use the ReBlog option to share them on your blog.

How To Start A Tumblr Blog

To start Follow the link to Tumblr.Com.

So Who Are You - You are required to enter your Email, Password and choose a username.Like so many online services many of the usernames will be taken, I mean how many Paul Crowe's are there out there that I can never get the paulcrowe username ? You will also have to verify your email.

Tumblr Sign Up Page

So What Ya Gonna Call It - Now you can choose that snappy title for your blog and give a brief description.These will be displayed in the header of your blog once it's live.Don't fret too much over these as they can be changed at a later date.You can also choose an avatar now or leave it for later.

Tumblr Make A Blog Page

Follow And Apps - The next step they look for you to follow at least three blogs to get you settled into the community.I never like being forced to follow anything but you can unfollow them later if you wish.They then offer you the option to download a mobile app for Mobile blogging before we move on.

Create Your Blog - At this stage you have made it to the dashboard to move on you will need to verify your email.Now the username you used at the start will be used as the URL for your blog but you can ditch that and create a new blog and choose the URL.As with the Free Versions of Blogger and Wordpress your URL will be a dub-domain of example

Get Blogging - The top section of the dashboard page is were you manage your blog.Across the top of the page you can quickly add new posts on the right you can customize the look of your blog.Take a little time to get familiar with the layout and you will be a Tumblr expert in no time.

Tumblr Manage Blog Icons

Have we any Tumblr users to add something to the conversation ? Good or bad let us know what you think in the comments below.
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  1. I use tumblr for me its a great place to blog the app for my iphone is awesome I can take a picture and blog it instantly !


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