How To Start A Self Hosted Blog On WordPress

By Paul Crowe Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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So in recent posts we have covered starting a free blog on Blogger and start a free blog on WordPress.Com and now we will look at starting a self hosted blog on Wordpress.

There is a huge difference between Self Hosted WordPress blogs and free WordPress blogs.With a self hosted Wordpress you have complete control with no limits or restrictions.For this you will have to acquire Hosting and a Custom Domain name both of which have a charge attached.

A domain will set you back in the region of $10 per year, many are
surprised when they realize just how cheap domains are.Hosting however costs a little more, how much depends on the package you want and the host you choose.Basic hosting which is more than good enough for most blogs will range from $45 to $100 per year.

Instead of running through everything involved in text I though I would use a fantastic video from our friends at has a 20 minute screencast were you can look over his shoulder as he sets up a self hosted WordPress blog.

Setting Up A Self Hosted WordPress Blog Video Tutorial

Some of the most popular WordPress hosts are Bluehost and Hostgator while newbies like the ease of use on GoDaddy.Make sure to do some research and find the host that suits your needs best.

Picking a Theme for your Self Hosted Wordpress Blog

I would recommend buying a premium WordPress theme rather than using a free theme.Don't get me wrong there are some fantastic free Themes out there but if you are investing in hosting why not add a few bucks for a professional theme that will come with all important support from a WordPress expert.

That's your self hosted WordPress set up guide why not add your views in the comments below.
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